It's personally me who made this page
I want to make different way to display my ABOUT page
I'm constantly a fan of Super Junior and EXO till end
I'm happy being an ELF and EXO-L
Blue and all dark colors, I love them
Sungha Jung and Depapepe always the best player for guitar acoustic
I'm so addicted to music, browsing, photograpy, do exercise, read book, cook, make a friend also
Libra is my sign star
Now I'm in my last first-year as university student
Many blogs that inspiring me to build my blog as profesional one
I'm supporting KyuxSung and BaekxSoo only for brothership!
Nothing special from me
Just how you look at me that makes me special or different from others
I'm tipically not overact when meet someone new
But when you already friend with me and you'll know who I am
I'm good at writing randomly, guessing non-sense question, mathematics (because that's my major)
My goal: Make my parent proud and I will try to love them as much as I can
Whenever you ask me to make a video using handphone while riding bicycle, I'll DO