How to Start Loving BaekDo {3}

It's been a while since yesterday I post a new thing about BaekDo with same title as now but with different chapter. Now is chapter 3.
I'm so happy because you guys still read and stay to this blog eventhough it just like a resume but I'll make it sure that this one is not containe of just resumes.
Have you try to learn about BaekDo?
Better if you read from the first article but still the first until fifth articles are still not translated into English.
Well now let's move to the topic about how to start loving BaekDo chapter 3.
Happy reading guys! :)

What we have today is about the difference and the similarity between Baekhyun and D.O..
You know lah, people born with different characteristic so they can live side by side because of the different ability that they have too. Let's take a look this one.


Talkless vs. Talkative.
What do you think of that? Who is the silence one and the fussy one between Baekhyun and D.O., yes. We all know from their bodies language. Bakehyun is the talkative one and D.O. is the talkless person. I mean not in all situation Baekhyun will be so talkative but just like he play prank a lot with members especially when he try to tease D.O.. Hahahaha, I really want to see that situation in real life. While D.O., why I call him as the talkless? The reason is he is really the talkless one, means he just talks when he want to talk and it's really important to talk with. If he becomes in silent, it means he don't really want to talk or he just don't know what should he talk with members. Still, D.O. sometime is a kind of talkative person too when a member or some members need to be worried and when he try to give a explaination to someone or even when he want to defend himself after being teased by members. As D.O. stated when he got a call from a radio (click), he likes a queit place. Same position, Baekhyun is kinda silence when he is sick or feeling unwell. He will speak just if he want to.


Less vs. Most (Taking selca).
Taking a selca or self camera is like a must to do for fans overseas. In this case Baekhyun is the most member with selca while D.O. just the less one. Hahaha. As we see that Baekhyun have instagram account and D.O. don't, we will see Baekhyun is updating his instagram and when we go and scroll his profile and there are many posts and it almost full of baekhyun's face, both photo and video. Let's talk about D.O.. He is one of members who don't have social media account (Suho is counted as well). He will appear in a frame with other persons or you haveto wait a news about him. We also can see him is updated by fans through fansite or captured photo in a drama that he takes a role. But, we also have to appreciate members that already took a selca with him, especially Baekhyun, includes photobook in EXO albums and music show's update.


Less vs. Most (Doing aegyo).
What about this? I guess you already know. Baekhyun will bethe king of aegyo if we compare him with D.O., who also less of doing aegyo. Back when EXO was in a reality show (Weekly Idol), if I'm not mistaken it was Xiumin who said that D.O. don't have many aegyo to do then members laugh when he's doing aegyo. So differently and contrast with Baekhyun. He will just do what he want and also the aegyo as well. He do it purposely sometime but in other time he did it because fans want to know hsi aegyo. While D.O. just like "I'll give it up when it talks about aegyo!" HAHAHHA. Both D.O. and Baekhyun are so cute with their way.


Serious vs. Playful.
Look at both D.O. and Kyungsoo existence when in a reality or variety show. Watch EXO's Showtime. Baekhyun is the most playful person, different with D.O., who looks like he is really too serious. Hahahhaa. That's why members really like to tease D.O., of course Baekhyun likes to do. I don't really remember who was the one of members who said that D.O. is a serious person, but yes there was. Then D.O. deny it or in other time he just laugh over that words like want to admit it but he is not full-part of a serious person. In other hand, Baekhyun..... I must not to mention this once again. He is the part of beagle team that consist of himself, Chanyeol, and Chen, and furthermore maybe Sehun will join this team too (Baekhyun's words in "Ask Box - EXO"). LOL. If you need a fun trip, you should ask them to join your trip. I recommend you to take them along. Hahahaha.


Don't and Do.
Almost all members in EXO will say something what you have to do and don't to fans. No exception for BaekDo too to express their feeling and say something in don't and do statements. Like D.O. warn members and fans to not get cold even when summer is coming. He always say about health to us because we know health is the most important thing that we should concern about. Baekhyun also said like we (fans) don't need to do diet, what Bakehyun want is we just stay health not to do diet. Actually Xiumin and Kai also said so. We don't need to do diet. What about if we want to lose some weight? Look at the boys especially BaekDo. They are exercising and I think boys want us just to do exercise not to diet. Exercise is more healthy beside dieting. If you want to do diet, you have to not forget doing exercise so your body will stay health. Hehe.

Do you like the post? What do you think of BaekDo? Is there any difference or similarity about them? Or you have same thought as me? Share what is in your mind and write it in comment boxt bellow. Ask me everything about BaekDo here :).

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