Why KyuSung is More Tempting than Cinnabon

Actually I don't really like the title because the 'tempting' word makes me laugh! Hahahha.
KyuSung!!! Finally we have this specially KyuSung post after 2 years ago? Ummm I was being not so active about KyuSung because Yesung had to go to army and Kyuhyun just alone and I was not interesting to pair Kyuhyun with other members so yeah....I left Kyuhyun behind for about two years.
Since August, if I'm not mistaken, Yesung finally finished his duty as a good citizen and start to do his activity as entertainer. WELCOME BACK YESUNG-SSI!!!! ^^

First of all, I want to say I'm so sorry about my post at past. Hehehehe you know lah~ I'm not really good in English so from now on I'll try my best to post all things in English and please correct me if there is mistake in my post.

AHHAHAHA well I'm not mad but this is my life. I stan this two dumb oppars who have good no no great voice I've ever know (besides BaekSoo!).
So, let's start to hunt KyuSung moment!

1. First
Their interaction is really good! They try to reibuld this interaction as soon as when they got some schedules (KRY's concert). See this photo and you will know how much Kyuhyun miss Yesung >///<

Those are from Yesung acc, sorry I don't really remember is that from twitter or instagram *_*
And these are some scripts that I got from twitter during KRY concert lol I can't even deal with what KyuSung debating about (please be wise to use these).

2. Second
I love how they manage to love, take care, make a smile path to each other. Their skinship is adorable since Yesung really like to touch other members philtrum and so do Kyu who always try to tease all his hyungs especially Yesung. If you have not met someone that close to you for a long time, you will miss him so bad and you will feel something different when you meet for first after. Kyuhyun also, in my thought he try to get Yesung's attention more and more because he miss his brother and he want to play with him often. Like what I got from fanacc during KRY concert by kikiikyu.

Screen captures below are about when Kyuhyun compared his hand to Yesung's hand. Heeeoooll~~~ once again Kyuhyun try to tease Yesung again HAHAHHAHA BUT I'M SO HAPPY WATCHING KYU LIKE THAT. KYU DO IT MORE AND MORE PLEASE~~ ^^

Below is cute too (eng trans by woonxian ), Kyu loves Yesung so much, brithership goal *-*

3. Third
They are more like comedian sometimes HAHAHA I even can't handle my laugh bcs of them. It also happened during KRY concert. Actually I feel so jealous when Japan ELF can watch and see Super Junior more often and I'm too far from them but I felt proud when SS6 in Indonesia was the time when Super Junior celebrated their anniversary ^^ /please don't judge me because i was so happy back that day/.

4. Forth
Romantic but let me say this is not kind of yaoi scene or other which means like that but we need to be sweet to our friends or siblings though and Kyu did it to Yesung :)

I think that's enough. I blame myself to not be really updated about KyuSung because I'm too focus too BaekSoo but I promise not to let KyuSung behind. I love both pairings so never complain :)
If you have any question just open the contact tab and you'll find my acc there.
In your opinion, how is KyuSung? What is KyuSung for you? Let's talk about them more and don't forget to always love our oppars!! ^^

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