How to Start Loving BaekDo {1}

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So everybody ehem sorry i mean Baekhyun and D.O. fans who ship them know this relationship.
I count their relationship as brothership only and please go with your thinking about what kind of relationship of them.
Hahaha. Remember what is my post before this? Of course we talked about BaekDo and yeah they are so sexy even their bodies wave too!
I've read many fanart that have its caption and i really appreciate them in making of such beautiful fanart and they are really cute to be honest.
One of my favorite fanart is going from คนตัวสูง.
I really love her drawing and the dialogues are funny and she brings "Hyung, You are so annoying" theme for her fanart if I'm not mistaken. It's Sehun-Baekhyun fanart for your information.

Right now I will lead you to BaekDo world after I'm hiatus too long.
If you still don't know what am I talking about, you need to have some sneak peek from BaekDo and try to open BaekDo index in this blog.
You will start to love BaekDo day by day after reading this post. Amen! ^^

1. First
Do you know Tom and Jerry cartoon? I believe you know it. Baek and  D.O. have this relationship! I have to tell it first that my other ship called KyuSung is also in this kind of relationship. Baek is so annoying and D.O. is so talkless and i don't think he cares with his fashion since he said that he will wear any kind of shirt if he feels comfortable to and it's imply to me LOL. Baek will always be the talkative one to other members especially D.O.. From this I learn that they are furnished each other with their personality. That's why you have to love and ship my lovely brother, BaekDo.

I'll take an example of Baek when trying to get D.O.'s attention so does Jerry to Tom. It was during EXO Star Cast 

KS: D.O.-ya, I want to disturb you forever, so just continue hitting me forever. (laugh) IS THAT YOU?
BH: (laugh) Sorry! Sorry!

2. Second
Sometimes D.O. didn't find out that Baek is always annoying behind him. He might knew but mostly he didn't know and Baekhyun keep teasing D.O. at all. Here we go, Baekhyun is immitating D.O. at behind LOL. I want to hit him! XD

3. Third
Baekhyun always tease D.O., there is a time when D.O. have to punish Baekhyun after doing something wrong. D.O. will hit him. Yeah! As what I mentioned before on second point, Baek will always loves to be hit by D.O. and vice versa, D.O. like to hit Baekhyun :).

4. Forth
Sometime they are such a good combination but in other day they aren't. I don't really remember when this Exolution concert was held but there were many BaekDo moment happened! They were so funny. One of the funniest moment is when BaekDo managed to pop the balloon but they failed! But when D.O. tried once with Xiumin they did! HAHAHAHA D.O. commented to Baekhyun, "It's because of your nutella belly!" IM SO DONE WITH BAEKDO THAT TIME! XDXD.

This one is when they can't be a good combination as partner.
credit to
This one is when they can be a good partner:

5. Fifth
Glare or sometime it's just a stare time happened between them. This eye contact is more like caring each other as brothers. They do this so often when they were arguing or laughing or even they got a shock and have same thinking of something, they will do this. We as fans also do this right? Me: of course! HAHA.

The one who wore pink shirt was Baekhyun and D.O. touched Baek shoulder like he want to help Baekhyun or he was afraid of something so he hide behind Baekhyun. LOL don't mind about me, that was all just my imagnation.

credit to
See what Baekhyun did
Eye contact is the BEST!
6. Sixth
It was surprising me when I heard that BaekDo were confessing toward each other at COEX Fansign. I'm not gay lover so don't ask me about romantic BaekDo! Please note that first! I was happy because this was happened suddenly and their brothership goal was DONE! HAHAHA Baekhyun who loves D.O. as his friend and also as brother makes my life COMPLETE! I heard KyuSung too but still can't find their audio of this.
via OneKyungsoo from YouTube
KS: (suddenly) I like Baekhyun
CY: This is practically at the level of confession!
BH: I like D.O. too
CY: This is practically at the level of lovers!

That's all for today! I hope you love this post whether you are EXO-L or not. Please send much love to them so we can see Baekhyun's and D.O.'s smile for fans and people around them. After reading this post, what do you think of them? Are you starting or manage this friendship goal? Feel free to share your thought here :)

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