Finally, El Dorado!

This is what I got from ordering Exodus album

Haiiii. Good morning everybody!
How is your summer? Have you prepare something for this season?
Sorry for late post. I think I had made a promise to myself to post something during Baekhyun's birthday but I broke it. Sorry.
I wish I could go back to that time so I can follow my friends to make a little party for Baekhyun.
At least I wish you a GREAT happy birthday Baekhyun! Hope you always in a good mood and condition and always be Baekhyun that can share happiness to everyone.
So, here why this title is "Finally, El Dorado!" because finally my album is in my hand! IM SO HAPPY AND IT'S A BIG SURPRISE FOR ME SINCE I WAS BORN /Lol /okay.
In truth, it is the first album which I buy by myself and I wonder if I can buy EXO album again.

Baby BaekSoo *love*

In this album, especially in D.O. cover version, there are MANY pictures of BaekSoo and it's make me want to scream scream so loudly! How cannot I scream while SM really ship BaekSoo as a couple brother??? (I need Kyuhyun and Yesung version for the next Super Junior album for SURE!!).
After Call Me Baby era, we will left it for awhile and we step to the next era, called Love Me Right!
I'm also planning to pre-order the album and I have checked the store that still open the PO.
The price is yaahh not really expensive lah, for those who have enough money not just have an aim.
So far almost all shop waiv the price about IDR 230.000 without shipping price and you can get Love Me Right album in your hand.
I think I'll do advertisement thing like this when my site is already fixed later. Hahahha
See you in my next post and don't forget to always supportour lovely baby, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, may their project always get good appreciation from people!

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