Hello guys.
Long time no see.
I'm back after several times had tried to renew this blog, but had no time.
So today is my comeback (i think) and I'll do update MORE about BAEKSOO and KYUSUNG!!
I'M SO HAPPY. Yesung's enlistment will finish soon.
ITS GONNA BE GREAT YEAR for both shippers and you are not alone, I'm here who will walk next each other with you guys.
Because of long hiatus, I was just updating from twitter and facebook too, but the most is twitter.
Have you heard about baeksoo moments in this year?
Ohmygoodness! By the way I FORGOT to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 T____T
Back to our topic!

So yeah you know they have a new album in early April and I bought their album yet it is still not in my hand.
Actually I'm not sure have I to buy their album or just download them through iTunes. LOL It's so dramatic in my life.
Don't mind about that, just focus to what happen with our two ship who will never end send their love to each pairing.
Back tracking all my post and I found some ridiculous posts and I HAVE TO DELETE them all /sorry
Despite of my trash posts, my delulu mind just keep to remember baeksoo baeksoo baeksoo, and kyusung just stand behind them.
I dont know but this lovely brothers just give me unique sense and rather than that they help me so much to recharge my mood everyday.
I know I should stand for kyusung too but I can't because kyusung just separated even yesung still in army so I need to wait them for about two years. SIGH~~~
Soon this blog will full of happiness of baeksoo and kyusung and let me make another for just for baeksoo and other just for kyusung.
See you in my next post!!! *love love*

Credit: baekxsoo (@chanplus1127)
think she has already changed her username in twitter so I can't properly link it to her sns.

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