BaekSoo in early 2015

Well.... Warm heart for welcoming back me right?
How should I share this one? I'm just a fanwho have no rights to reupload some contains of fanaccs.
Sadly but at least once you know and open my post it is okay you will directly go to the link that i've shared.
So this one is JUST for Baekhyun and D.O. topic.
Yesterday my lovely acc of kyungsoo shared about Kyungsoo's stage name is not D.O but D.O(.).
If you miss one point at the last name of him it's not explain his name accurately.
Once again I checked all of my post and totally I did wrong T___T /sorrynotsorry.
Get ready!

Okay. As usual when Ivy Club's magazine is coming out there will be five questions to and answered by each members of EXO and of course Kyungsoo's interview also there. KYUNGSOO MENTION BAEKHYUN IN HIS INTERVIEW OMGGGGG!!! IAM SO HAPPY!!! ^____^
He mention baehyun who has a wise judgement to go to desert place.
Click here for the english translation,so I don;t need to rewrite and ask a permition to share this contents /LOL.
Now wee move to when they are in EXO Starcast. Kyungsoo asked by MC Kyuhyun (thank you for this show because I can see my forever second crush ever LMAO). Here's the caption
then Baekhyun, who seat behind kyungsoo at left side, hit his chest showing that he is frustated with Kyungsoo because Kyungsoo stuttered whenhe talked (@Layearling)

Again. Baeksoo can't stop their movement HAHAHAA. 
Kyungsoo's reading his letter:
Kyungsoo I want to disturb you forever.
I will do that forever.
Just hit me forever. Baekhyun: sorry
LMAO! They are too cute! Can I take them home? O.O
Even Baekhyun tried to imitate kyungsoo at behind. This friendship is strong enough HHAHAHHAAHA

Baeksoo did a mistake when Call Me Baby first chorus played. Yeah. Seems they have good feeling to eaach other to just do 'wrong' dance LOL

Next is when they did fansign and ME COLLAPS knowing about BaekSoo love confession spread worldwide (at COEX). I even can hold my happiness when saw someone tweet this thing for first. I'm crying so hard but sadly Chanyeol the one who involve to this OTP crush! LOL.

Most of EXO Call Me Baby era is about baeksoo. Just come to my house while I'm a big fan of you two! And this baeksoo fancam will make you blush on your face in red bcs it's so funny but rather ashame to be watched. HIGH RECOMENDATION! LMAO.

Fans! I warn youguys to not forget our lovely baby, Baekhyun, birthday on 6th March. Have you guys prepare a present for him? Im still shaking because of my terrible time.

 All video and photos even the English translation is only the writer and uploader right.

I'm just share what is in my mind that disturb me in class even when I'm eating
HAHHAHAA That's just a joke so don't mind
Thanks for supporting Baekhyun and Kyungsoo till now
I hope we can be a good friend when we once do

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