Circle for D.O


I put down my ass so lazy and open my twitter without any reason.
Hehehehe. Then I have an idea why don't I make something like a project for myself??
As you know, I love to do design blog and photoshop-ing something so here we go.
The first is the stripe blue pattern from 세훈마트 that make a poster of Oh Sehun's under the sea cup.
The second is from Pugly Pixel's post about delectables no.3.
I'm gonna mix it using D.O photo as the object and mix them all as a new poster.
It will be a good poster if you open the puglypixel's tutorial rather than mine.
This tutorial has different way to make a same purpose. But It a little same way to.
Read them well and try then ^^
Puglypixel // 세훈마트 // MyFont

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