In this occasion I will not post about Baeksoo! You probably can check my twitter acc. *sorry*
First of all I don't know why I hate this day. Seriously.
Second. Why worst things must happen today?
I was studying and suddenly my notification of twitter just beep.
I was looking for what's going on in twitter and yeah it's about Kris.
We, fans, still don't know between the truth and fake because one by one Chanyeol, Sehun, and Tao update their instagram and rather mention about this case.

Absolutely I don't know about lawsuit things in and I just praying all the best for them. SM. Kris. EXO. EXO stan.
I want to hug them this time and give them strength to pass this issues.
And about their sns was controlled by SM staff said by some of fans is that true? How's your life boys today? Be strong.
I hope tomorrow good news will comes out^^

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