wish you all the best

Hai gaisssss^^
How are you? I think all of you are in good condition, like me.
It is almost D-5 turn to my final exams. My heart just thump thump like a crazy girl. Lol.
Anyway, here I want to say Happy 2nd Anniversary for EXO and 6th Anniversary for Super Junior M. God bless you all and may all your dream comes true.
Yeah... that's what my words.

I do not only congratulate them but I will share something to you. Just like my post before, I will link the picture or tweet or news about EXO and Super Junior M because I want to make it simple as I wish. Hehehe~~

First. Sehun love his dongsaeng (read: D.O). DO MY HEART INTEREST TO SESOO??? I mean Sehun Kyungsoo. Because these days most of tweets on my timeline are about SeSoo. I also felt it when EXO Showtime began. This is why I'm confuse with my feeling but I keep to stan BaekSoo. Haha *evil laugh*

Second. BaekSoo really ruin my life and once again white2do-nim took baeksoo pict with THE BEST ANGLE!! Thank you white2do-nim.... I can't describe my feeling for a second though.

Third. You know SM already announce the title of EXO's new title mini album. It is 'Overdose'. OKAY. I AM OKAY. MAYBE THIS ALBUM MAKE ME MORE ADDICT TO THEM! When fans asked SM to just upload teaser video of EXO, even SM announce that the album will be into 24 version. Twelve members both in Korea and China version. SM really loves to do business.


Fifth. Super Junior M make their comeback with 'SWING' and they do promotion in some radio. On of them is Shimsimtapa. YEAAAAAHHH......with DJ Shindong :). I really appreciate their hard work. It must be hard for them to survive until their 7th Anniversary. THANK YOU OPPARS......I LOVE YOU ALL! They were going crazy. LMAO. SJ-M photo card also has been spread at SM Pop Up Store.

Sixth. Baek teaser already out. YOU ARE TOO HANDSOME BAEKKYUNG...... ><

Ok. That's all and BYE!! ^^

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