April 4th ~ BEST

Welcome....welcome....to my simple land. I'm back and bring some issues of Baekhyun and D.O. Thanks Lord. Finally EXO comeback is real and yelling all the members name. Actually I disappointed about their comeback. Why SM must brings the boys out in 15th while me still facing national exams? About their new album probably I will buy a month after. This situation really confuse me. You know I'm not rich as SM though....kkkk. About "EXO First Box" it's probably already on your hand now. Right? For those who cannot or not going to buy I think this link will help you guys. SM blocked all videos on youtube /as expected/

Then let's talk about Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. To be honest they are amazing. OH good damn so far. If I'm not mistaken when Baek came to Sukira as guest with Heechul sunbae, Kyungsoo accompanied Baek and YEAH I'M TOO EXCITED AND OBSESS TO THEM. God know my deep feeling to BaekSoo! Also Kyungsoo must know that most of his fans are active in twitter. So......he used Ryeowook's twitter to talk to his fans, YEAH HE POST 3~4 TWEET and even changed the bio to I don't know what is the exactly mean but he want us to wait his drama. Don't blame me if it is wrong...kkk.

Today on April 4th, EXO-K did Crunky School Attack event and MORE AND MORE BAEKSOO TO BE HONEST! They sit next each other and THE BLACK HAIR ;___; OMGOODNESS IT IS SO ADORABLE. Bias love you la~ If you wanna see all picts that I've got just go chect to my twitter or search with keyword baeksoo then it will appear on your timeline search. I'm not going to upload on my blog since I'm too lazy to.

Not only that. Today my oppa, Eunhyuk oppa's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! All best wishes for you. More hard work and keep your health. ELF love you so much. Again. There is special thing today which surprise me from morning slept. KYUNGSOO teaser was OUT. You know? I just can not help myself to holding my heart not to get heart attack from HIM. Damn so manly and I hope Baek teaser out tomorrow. Well I need to breath and wait.

Have you watch SJ-M new MV with the title SWING? OH GOD. THIS IS THE BEST BEST BEST MV. You see? All of them are in black and white suit and wear sport(?) shoes. Looks so simple but they are still YOUNG for meeeee ><. My lovely couple Kyuhyun and Henry is handsome. This is why I can't stop fangirling to them. Magnae always in my heart.

Being a fangirl is not easy than I though. You need to know your bias well and may help them to get some award with joining vote polling or buy their album and IT IS HARD FOR ME. I manage my money to buy an album and IT WAS MY OLD DREAM but still I can not reach it. So I guess maybe next month this dream will be true. Nothing is impossible right? Hehehe... If you are not going to buy the album then buy the song from the official site :)


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