Giving support to EXO

Hai guys.... Good morning/afternoon/evening/night for you.
Happy new year~~ oops sorry if im toooooo late to write this post since i will face my national exam next month and im too lazy to take this blog up. Forgive me guys :)
Ah ya, how is it? Im suppose to make my blog rather light than before because I made this design just like what i feel now. Simple, describe this blog so far.
I have learn about css code about a year and i try to improve my work using my lovely notebook. Trying hard to post a new one with english not bahasa yet i'm still a begginer. I feel I talk to myself and its awkward XD.

By the way, on next May Baekhyun will celebrate his birthday and I already join b'spectra's birthday project. I REALLY ENJOY THIS. I don't know my feeling. Well... I never try to give my bias a gift such as when Yesung or Kyuhyun celebrate their birthday because Im still not done to know how I join their fansite project. Lol.

While D.O,, he prepares for his upcoming film called "CART" and drama called "It's Okay, It's Love". All fans send him support like foods, drinks, goods, and many more. I'd like to say that I really feel so happy about this. He become a new actor. How beautiful day it will. Someone on twitter says that he came to cart shooting place because his fans came there to give them support like what i said before although the shooting had been cancled. OH MY GOD. HE JUST PERFECT!! I WANT TO BE HIS DONGSAENG //_\\ -whats the relation?-

I heard about EXO's comeback. ARE YOU READY GUYS????? IM NOT OF COURSE -__- sighhh. Why they must comeback when im still busy with my school program. I do not blame them but I blame the time. HAHA. I'm as international fans can not see their live performance. Because of money problem, I can not buy their album. I think I'm a bad fans to all my bias. I'm sorry. It is simple but I am trying hard to buy one of their song from iphone. It is official, right? Hehehe.

I think that's all about my deepest feeling today. I'm going crazy because there are many goal that sould be done this semester. GIVE ME SUPPORT TOO. I'll be strong from now. BYE~~

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