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Hello. Good mornig/afternoon/evening/night for everyone who read this post. Today I will post about Henry Lau Facts. So once again, who called his/herself as STRING, you MUST read it to know and learn more about Henry Lau. Let's check it out.

His original name is Liu Xian Hua and his nick name is Henry Lau (so different, haha)

He born on October 11, 1989 (I'm October 19, 1996. We have different abt 7 years and 8 days ^^)
His birthplace in Taiwan, but he lives in Canada (Toronto)
He's family structure is father, mother, old brother and young sister ^^
He hates long hair style (but i like that! ._.)
First appearence on Attack of the Pin-Up Boys: Flower Boys, Series of Terror
He is one of SJ-M members as Vocal, Rap. Side Composer, Main Dancer
He is a magnae in SJ-M (not Kyuhyun anymore. Hahaha. . Just kidding.) *don't be angry to me :D*
He has also performed at charities in the Chinese community.
Ever since the only 13 campaign, Han Geng (leader) is especially overprotective of Henry
His parents are said to have a very successful business back in Canada
Henry doesn’t know how to swim (really?? me too -__-)
His acc. twitter is @henrylau89
He drinks tea every morning because his mom once told him to drink tea daily (and I've do that ^^v)
He can't eat spicy food (i can! Hehe)
Loves lycee especially the ones from Thailand. (who's from Thailand? I'm from Indonesia .__.)
You've know abt this: Can speak six languages – Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Korean, and Japanese (haha)
STRING is name of his fans
Strings and ELFs always called him MOCHI ^^
His expertise are Violin, piano, breakdance, drums, ballet, Latin dance, singing
Henry's sister tall is 170 cm (so the relation between henry's facts with henry's sister tall? .__.)
He's right handed
He is AB lines
His fav colour is WHITE same as Leeteuk's fav colour
He can write in Thai
He still childish
He likes to wear hat/cap
He still confused with his Korean
He as main cast in Cooktales film
He's member of SJ-M
He's couple is Zhoumy, cause they are closer each other (but i like KyuMo [kyuhyun-mochi] couple more)
He like browsing (like me ^^c)
He's slant-eyed
He has dimple cheek
He's six pack
Friendly o his fans (Strings)
He'd join onVariety Show "Strong Heart"

[!!] Those are picts that prove some Henry's facts

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