Slice of Life: Follow Your Path (Prolog)

FANFICTION by pc9697 (wattpad profile)

Hidup terkadang tidak sejalan dengan apa yang kau mau.
Namun jika jalan tersebut kau ikuti dengan caramu sendiri, semua akan terasa indah dan tanpa ada rasa mengeluh bahwa hidup ini sulit atau sebagainya.
Aku mulai mengerti mengapa semua itu terjadi.
Aku memahaminya untuk kali pertama.

-Moon Miki

How to Start Loving BaekDo {3}

It's been a while since yesterday I post a new thing about BaekDo with same title as now but with different chapter. Now is chapter 3.
I'm so happy because you guys still read and stay to this blog eventhough it just like a resume but I'll make it sure that this one is not containe of just resumes.
Have you try to learn about BaekDo?
Better if you read from the first article but still the first until fifth articles are still not translated into English.
Well now let's move to the topic about how to start loving BaekDo chapter 3.
Happy reading guys! :)

How to Start Loving BaekDo {2}

Hello everyone!
I'm back with this post as usual I will never feel tired to talk about Baekhyun and D.O..
After long time I didn't post something about BaekDo neither about KyuSung, I decide to write this post and try to not skip a day without a post.
So, these days we rarely can see BaekSoo in a frame like what we want.
We look like so deprived BaekDo and just watching or reading back what we have about them.
Now, let's learn about BaekDo more in this chapter, part two.
Happy reading!! :-)